Third Point Reinsurance Ltd. and its subsidiaries (together, the “Third Point Re Group” or the “Company”) understands the importance of securing and preserving stakeholders’ confidence in our Company. Our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of ethics and business conduct is critical to serving the interests of our stakeholders and protecting the trust of our investors. We believe that a strong corporate governance program is essential to ensuring that we continue to deliver on this promise and maintain public trust in our Company.

Our corporate governance program was established to create the framework required for effectively governing the Third Point Re Group and its affairs. The Board of Directors of Third Point Reinsurance Ltd. maintains oversight responsibility for the Third Point Re Group’s corporate governance program and within its constitution they manage and assess the Company’s business and affairs, oversee management’s work and decisions and influence governance policies, in accordance with the Corporate Governance Guidelines that they have adopted.

The Third Point Re Group is committed to ensuring that its operations and corporate governance program supports its commitment to sustain these high standards of ethics and business conduct. We recognize that these standards bring great value to the Third Point Re Group and all of its stakeholders.

If you have reason to report a violation concerning our accounting practices, internal controls or auditing matters you can do so by using the following means:

By Phone In Writing
844-990-0002 (USA and Canada)
800-603-2869 (all other countries)

(must include company name with report)

All submissions made using any of these avenues are received by a third-party hotline provider and can be made anonymously.